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Project was awarded the “Quality-in-Construction” Award for project between $500,000 to $2,000,000 by the City of Toledo

City of Toledo - California Boulevard

This project completed in 2010, consisted of the removal of approximately 24,000 square yards of existing roadway.  When construction started, it was discovered that beneath the existing asphalt road surface was a concrete pavement.  Based on a recommendation to the city, this concrete and asphalt road section was removed, crushed on-site and installed for a new aggregate road base.  Additionally, due to the poor subgrade conditions, a full depth reclamation process was performed on the road utilizing cement as the stabilizing agent.  By utilizing this process, undercuts were eliminated and existing materials were recycled and incorporated in the new pavement system.  This also reduced the cost to the City of Toledo  as a traditional roadway reconstruction costs approximately $15.00 per square yard while this process cost approximately $8.00 per square yard.  Other less tangible benefits experienced included:


Removing Existing Roadway